Mayank & Shital Gandhi

Burlingame, Burlingame Village | client since 2017

Medical Director, Genentech | Radiologist

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

When we bought the house, I loved that there was a park with a playground that had infant swings for our daughter! I also loved that I could potentially walk to Broadway to grab a bite if I wanted to just in case I miss the city.

Burlingame Village has many things to offer but Village Park tops the list – it's a great park for kid’s activities as well as for parties/picnics or casual strolls. Other great things about the neighborhood are friendly welcoming neighbors, quick access to freeways, train stations and to various amenities on Broadway Ave and in Millbrae.

What was your journey like buying a home?

We seriously started looking approximately 15 months before we purchased our house. Having grown up in a foreign country and being first time homebuyers, the learning curve was unsurprisingly steep. Once we had a grasp of the market dynamics and understood our likes/dislikes and kind of trade-offs that were acceptable, it was smoother as we were then just waiting for the right home. It also gave us the confidence to pull the trigger when we saw the “right one”. In hindsight, I am glad we lost out on a couple of offers as our current house is much more suited for us.

Felt a little surreal. It was the very first time we were buying, moving into a home and moving to the “burbs”. A combination of these variables along with the tight market and prices did shake it up a little.

What surprised you the most about the home buying process?

How my list of “must haves” changed over time.

How much we were willing to flex financially to buy our house compared to when we started this journey more than a year ago.

My experience working with Raziel was ________.


Raziel has all attributes of a great realtor – knowledge, experience, accessibility, likeability, credibility, etc. However, what truly differentiates Raziel is his reputation and strong network with other leading brokers which gives a competitive advantage to all his clients. Moreover, Raziel is one of those rare agents who has struck the right balance between professional and personal for his clients – his professional strengths are obvious but his positive attitude, patience, listening skills and focus on cultivating long-term relationships is what makes him truly trustworthy and enjoyable to work with. Raziel and team continue to be a great resource for us even after we bought the house, answering our questions, providing suggestions and giving referrals to various vendors. I would (and have) recommend Raziel in a heartbeat to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Burlingame.


Raziel’s love for Burlingame is palpable. He is extremely resourceful, approachable, very patient and just the right amount of ‘pushy’ to help us pull the trigger. We are grateful to him for the house!

Where did you grow up? How did you decide to stay here?

I grew up in Mumbai, moved to NY 16 years ago, met Mayank there and stayed in NYC for 5 years before moving to SF for his career. Even before our daughter Rayna came along, I knew I wanted to be somewhere warmer than the city, but not too far away from work. We were always drawn to Burlingame. Quaint, small, green and somewhat walkable is what drew me towards it. Loved Burlingame Avenue. Once Rayna came along, it was a no-brainer given the excellent public schools.

We both grew up in India and met in NY where we lived for several years before moving to SF ~4 years ago. While being quintessential city people, we had warmed up to the idea of suburban living to accommodate changing needs of our growing family and experience a new lifestyle. Our main criteria (in no particular order) for choice of location were warmer climate, proximity to SF, accessibility to downtown/shopping options and family-friendly neighborhoods with strong public schools. Burlingame ranked high on all counts. Besides, we always enjoyed the vibe whenever we visited Burlingame.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Having maintained a close network of friends and family across US and India.

When we moved from NY to SF, I went back into fellowship training at UCSF for 1 year to expand my skill set (6 years post graduation). I never saw myself doing that..I’d say I’m proud I finished it!

What was your childhood ambition?

To live an interesting life.

Travel the world.

What’s your favorite hidden gem?

Still looking for one...

I might be biased but I think Village Park is relatively unknown/under appreciated.

​ What’s been your biggest challenge? ​

Time management post baby!

Avoiding sweets and maintaining an active lifestyle.

What was your first job?

Computer lab technician.

Neuroradiologist at Northwell Hospital in Long Island, NY.

What’s your greatest Inspiration?

My grandfather – Full of life, energetic and always ready to help.

There are so many inspirational figures.

What’s your favorite movie? ​​

Not sure if I have one – I like all kinds of movies.

Not just one! It’s a wonderful life, Tropic Thunder, the Bourne series amongst many Holly and Bollywood flicks.

What’s on the top of your bucket list item

Scuba diving.

Successfully self employed.

What organizations do you love?

UCSF, YMCA, Ekal Vidyalaya.

Salvation army, Red Cross.