We particularly liked Raziel’s data driven approach and his approachable style. He made the process as easy as possible.
– Ellena and Abul 'Bas' Basar
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    Vice President, Head of Global Value & Access, Gilead

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Ellena and Abul 'Bas' Basar

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?

We love the character of the neighborhood, how the houses are so different – each lot has it’s own personality and style which is fascinating to look at. We also love the tree lined avenues and friendly neighbors.

What was your journey like buying a home, and what surprised you the most?

The journey was nerve wracking to start with, prior to arriving in the peninsula we had heard stories of people that had lost out on many houses before securing a home, multiple bids, many percentage points over asking etc.. I think the key is to do your homework, know what you want and be very targeted.

What surprised us is how quickly things move (which points back to knowing what you want!), it took two days from viewing to having our offer accepted.

What was your experience working with Raziel?


With Burlingame being such a competitive market, it was important to work with someone that really knew the town well. Growing up in Burlingame himself, you can tell how much he loves the town and what it has to offer. We particularly liked Raziel’s data driven approach and his approachable style. He made the process as easy as possible.

What is your proudest accomplishment?


Overcoming challenges to bring lifesaving medicines to patients around the world, irrespective of the obstacles that you face.


I travelled to Japan at the age of 18 to stay with a Japanese family who I had never met. I learnt so much from the experience and it definitely gave me the drive to want to travel and live in different parts of the world.

What was your childhood ambition?


I used to dance every day of the week when I was young. I did tap, ballet and modern so of course I wanted to be a dancer or to teach kids to dance.


To be a professional football (soccer) player in England.

What’s your favorite hidden gem?


Being new to the area its hard to say, riding the Bay Trail or Sawyer Camp Trail early in the morning is peaceful and simply stunning. Foodwise you can’t beat Rasa in Burlingame – a great, authentic Indian restaurant.


Having spent most of our time here in CA in lockdown, I'm not sure I have found my favorite hidden gem but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy walking the streets of Burlingame Eastern Addition and admiring the character of all the houses. Also, I have to note that my family and I were delighted to discover that Oak Grove Market in Burlingame stock chocolate from the UK. We miss English chocolate so as you can imagine our Easter 2020 was one to remember!!

What’s been your biggest challenge?


We have moved country multiple times, this is always stressful and challenging at the time but if you keep the bigger picture in mind it helps put things into perspective.


If I am honest, moving from New Jersey to California during a pandemic has been my biggest challenge. Moving across country is never easy and we should know as it's the fourth time we have moved in 6 years with two young children in tow. Before New Jersey we were in Switzerland and before that we lived in the UK which is where we are from. Like my husband says, it has its challenges moving but I know it's always worth it in the end. The community are so friendly and welcoming that we do feel at home already and we love, love, love our new house!!

What was your first job?


Working as a sales person in clothing retailer in the UK.


Like my husband, I also worked in a women's clothing retail shop during my spare time and whilst I was still at school. I also had numerous other jobs like babysitting and a paper-round.

What’s your greatest Inspiration?


My father, he came from Bangladesh to England (where I was born) with little to no money. He faced many adversities but became a successful business man that made an amazing life for his family.


The person that inspired me the most is my Grandmother, she lived to the age of 98! I had so much respect for her in how she lived her life and how she was always helping others.

What’s on the top of your bucket list item?


Hawaii has always been on my bucket list and moving to California allowed that dream to be within reach. We were due to go this year but of course those plans had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. I know that my dream will come true one day!


As an avid sports fan it would be to climb Mount Ventoux on my Road Bike or to play Pebble Beach or Augusta National golf courses.

What organizations do you love?


Alzheimer's Society for the reason that more and more people are being diagnosed with dementia with no cure currently in sight and also because it has touched a number of my close family members.



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