Raziel is the best in the business, mostly because he and his team were very hands on throughout the process, and proactively managed the process every step of the way.
– Aneesha Aggarwal & Arpan Punyani
  • Aneesha

    Business and Pricing Strategy, Autodesk

  • Arpan

    Director of Corporate Development, Okta, Inc.

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Aneesha Aggarwal & Arpan Punyani

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?


I love that we can walk to Roosevelt and to our friends’ houses all over the neighborhood. I also love how friendly everyone is, and how every street is tree-lined; it gives it a great feel year round.


The community and walkability to the kid’s school.

What was your journey like buying a home, and what surprised you the most?


Surprising. We stumbled upon the perfect home on a rainy December day, actually my birthday!


We had a bit of a unique process in that we were not searching for months or years. Once we started looking we happened to come across one that felt right in our price range, and the best part was being right next door to Roosevelt where both our kids will go.

What was your experience like selling your home?


Selling our home was bittersweet; it was the first home we bought in Burlingame and was where our kids had many firsts. But we were fortunate that we had strong demand so the process was relatively quick. We did also realize how much of a benefit it was to stage the home!


Fantastic, because of Raziel and his team. They made it a seamless process and took care of every step.

What was your experience working with Raziel?



He’s the best in the business, mostly because he and his team were very hands on throughout the process, and proactively managed the process every step of the way.



Working with Raziel was one of the best decisions we have made. His honestly, knowledge, professionalism, negotiation skills and positive attitude made it a joy to work with him.

What is your proudest accomplishment?


Raising two amazing kids.


Raising two amazing kids with my wonderful wife.

What’s your favorite hidden gem?


Sakae in Burlingame. Super fresh fish flown in from Japan!

What’s been your biggest challenge?


Moving across the country to enter a new field and without any family in California besides my wife. We started a new life out here but are very happy with the decision!


Balancing work and family!

What was your first job?


Working as a government contractor in DC.


Summer camp counselor in North Carolina.

What’s your greatest Inspiration?


My amazing wife :)


My mother.

What’s your favorite movie?


Life is Beautiful.



What’s on the top of your bucket list item?


Taking my kids to see the tennis U.S. Open in New York.


Traveling the world with my husband and kids.

What organizations do you love?


Peninsula Humane Society. Red Cross. Salvation Army.


Project Dastaan – a new project to help families affected by the Partition of India and Pakistan 70 years ago reunite with their ancestral homes through documentary and Virtual Reality.

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