Easton Addition

One of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Burlingame.

Burlingame’s Easton Addition is arguably the city’s signature neighborhood. Located within walking distance of Broadway’s low-key shops and restaurants and an easy drive to Burlingame Avenue, Easton Addition balances access to urban amenities and easy auto and CalTrain commutes with the serene seclusion of a long-established residential neighborhood. It’s streets are lined mature trees and a mixture of vintage -- turn-of-the-century bungalows, stately Victorians, Arts & Crafts-style cottages -- and contemporary homes, usually with at least three bedrooms and often as much as five. The picturesque neighborhood is near multiple parks and medical service providers and even boasts its own, elegant, Mission-style branch of the venerable Burlingame Public Library. A gem in the heart of a residential neighborhood which is particularly popular among all the young families in the area. Pop on in and make yourself at home next to the fireplace in one of several mind-blowing Craftsman leather reading chairs!

Easton Addition accounted for 25% of all Burlingame home sales in 2022 (30% in 2021) while posting the city’s second-highest average and median home values ($3.51 and $3.4 million, notably up 6% from 2021). As Burlingame goes, though, so goes Easton Addition, and the city’s overall drop in real estate activity was reflected in its most popular neighborhood where overall sales fell 35% after increasing by 18% in 2021. That Easton Addition real estate actually gained value while most other neighborhoods lost value is a tribute to its enduring desirability, as is the fact that during a down year $5 million-plus homes increased their neighborhood market share from 1.5% to 9%. Since 2018, property values in Easton Addition have increased by 25%.

To view a detailed google map of the Easton Addition neighborhood, click here. The MLS area is 466.


  • One of the most popular and prestigious neighborhoods in Burlingame

  • Classic Burlingame architecture with homes that have a historic, charming feel

  • Easton Addition has its own picture-perfect branch of the Burlingame Public Library


  • One of the two most expensive neighborhoods in Burlingame along with Burlingame Park

  • Not as close to Burlingame Ave and Broad