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Vivek & Shon Jain share their home buying experience in Burlingame.

What was your experience like working with Raziel?


Raziel was a truly outstanding agent and adviser to us throughout our recent purchase of a home in Burlingame. We would strongly recommend him to anyone.

We first came to know about Raziel through his informative and helpful website, as we began to research Burlingame. Raziel's knowledge of the peninsula real estate towns, communities, markets, and real estate particulars was truly impressive. As is evident from his website, he collates both macro and micro data on every town, as well as on neighborhoods within towns. He assesses trends, outliers to the trends, and in general takes a quantitative approach to the market.

Raziel's knowledge of Burlingame, where we were focused, was comprehensive and very useful as we visited lots of properties. A lot of his knowledge was "hyper-local" - things that would have been near impossible to glean other than by having lived in the town. This was invaluable to us as newcomers to the peninsula. Whether it was walking and driving distances to stores, helping us understand where the town schools were and which neighborhoods track to which schools, or small things like understanding unusual traffic patterns on specific streets, Raziel had a real wealth of knowledge about Burlingame. Most of this is due to his lifelong relationship with the town.

Apart from his knowledge base, Raziel has a very impressive network of relationships with a wide variety of other real estate agents, agencies and banks, which is important. Outside of real estate, Raziel also has well developed relationships with the many additional people one needs to successfully go through a home buying process. This includes home inspectors, general contractors who can give advice on homes that might need or benefit from work, and even subcontractors who deal with specific types of work.

Lastly, and most importantly of all, Raziel operates with true professionalism, the highest standards of ethics, and is widely respected throughout the town and in the real estate community. Just take a stroll down the Avenue or Broadway with him sometime and be amazed at how many people know him and greet him! Raziel is patient, always calm and collected, never puts pressure on a conversation or an element of a transaction, and in general is an outstanding counselor during negotiations. He's an excellent and thorough listener, and by virtue of that, an outstanding partner throughout this process.

Raziel is a person you can implicitly trust, someone who is on your team from day one. He has become a true friend to us during this process, so we'd strongly recommend him to you with enthusiasm. He's a true professional and a really great person!

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