Raziel is by far the most effective Realtor we have ever worked with.
– Ranjan & Monisha Prasad
  • Ranjan Prasad

    VP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Off Grid Electric

  • Monisha Prasad

    Manager at Google

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Ranjan & Monisha Prasad

What are your occupations?

Monisha manages a team of consultative sellers & insights leads at Google. Ranjan is saving the world. He runs supply chain and operations for Off Grid Electric, a startup that provides clean energy solutions to rural, emerging markets like many countries in Africa.

Where did each of you grow up, and how did you choose the peninsula?

We’re both Bay Area natives. Ranjan is from Fremont and Monisha is from Cupertino. We both knew we wanted to stay close to our family but clearly, through process of elimination the peninsula was our first choice! We love everything about the bay area. The diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, food, culture, weather but most importantly our family lives here. The peninsula is a perfect halfway point from our families and jobs.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

We love everything about our neighborhood and feel blessed to be part of such a vibrant, warm and strong community. We love Burlingame’s tree lined streets & craftsman homes, our neighbors, the close proximity to great outdoor activities such as hiking/biking trails and parks. Moving from SF, we are food snobs but have been pleasantly surprised by all the delicious dining options that are in the area as well. Afterall we have some of the best pizza and sushi in the area! Lastly, we love Burlingame Community for Education (BCE) and its strong commitment to excellence in our Burlingame schools.

What was your journey like buying a home?

It was a long journey - about 10 months. We wanted to leave SF and loved the idea of Burlingame or San Mateo. We were introduced to Raziel through friends who had successfully worked with him. He immediately won us over with his likability and in-depth knowledge about the different neighborhoods. Based on our budget Raziel gave us a great perspective on the trade-offs between the different neighborhoods. He was incredibly patient with us as we looked at more than 30 homes! Due to market conditions we were adamant about offering and negotiating very competitive price points. Raziel supported us throughout the process. We made two offers both of which were rejected and then both also came back about two months or so after we first submitted the offer! We ended up submitting an offer for the home that best fit all of our requirements. It needed a lot of “love” but like most things that you work hard for, it was well worth it! The contract process was also crazy and tumultuous but we leaned on Raziel and his expertise and his connections to get us through.

What surprised you the most about the home buying process?

That personal touch matters. We always thought that numbers speak louder than words or pictures! But, Raziel advised us that in addition to a competitive market valued offer we should get personal with our offers. Make the sellers understand who we are and our motivations for buying. He was so right. We submitted an offer that represented the ‘full package’.

Our experience working with Raziel was _______.

Extremely positive.

Raziel is by far the most effective realtor we have ever worked with. He approaches his profession with the utmost integrity – which made us completely comfortable and confident throughout the tumultuous buying process. He has a keen understanding of the market and of human behavior, which makes him a strong negotiator. Raziel conducted our house search with compassion, intelligence and complete responsiveness. After 10 months of looking in Burlingame we finally bought a home that filled all of our many requirements and we have Raziel to thank for that!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

That’s a no brainer, being parents to our daughter Ariya of course! Hiking Half Dome was pretty cool too.

What was your childhood ambition?

Ranjan Prasad

An astronaut until I found out how little money they make.

Monisha Prasad

Movie star

What is your favorite hidden gem?

We love Magdaluna on Broadway ave in Burlingame. You get authentic Mexican food in a family environment.

What was your biggest challenge?

Trying to find a reliable contractor.

What was your first job?

Monisha Prasad

In highschool, I sold chateau sweaters at Express . I was trying to save the world as a child...kidding. He was doing hard labor in shipping and receiving at a small tech company.

Ranjan Prasad

I was trying to save the world as a child...kidding. I was doing hard labor in shipping and receiving at a small tech company.

What is your favorite movie?

Monisha Prasad

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Ranjan Prasad


Which room is your favorite?

Our kitchen is the heart of the house, but we also love our living room because of the high beamed ceiling.

What is your top bucket list item?

Attend all the tennis grand slams.

What organizations do you love?

Tech Connect in SF - A computer literacy program in SF that Ranjan is involved in.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Take care of your future, it’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

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