Jennifer Mark & Mark Van Looy

San Mateo, Laurelwood/Sugarloaf | client since 2007

Purchaser at City & County of San Francisco | Chief of Household

What do you love about the Sugarloaf neighborhood?

Mark Van Looy

One of the main reasons we moved down to San Mateo was for the weather; it’s much better than the Daly City fog. Sugarloaf is a very family-friendly and walkable neighborhood. Laurelwood Shopping Center is just a few minutes away; College of San Mateo is right there and they have a few events that are really good. The Saturday farmers market is really cool to go too.

How did you discover Sugarloaf?

Mark Van Looy

We came down to the Highlands area to look at a specific house, but there were mostly Eichlers. We checked them out, and then moved on to some other neighborhoods and fell right into the Sugarloaf neighborhood, which has a little bit more up-to-date homes. I think they were built in the late ’70s or early ’80s, which was a little bit more modern for us.

Jennifer Mark

Sugarloaf was much more appealing because it was so much more modern. We didn’t have to do any work to it. We had done so much more work to our Daly City home and thought we’d like to move into a turnkey house. The other appealing thing about this home was it was a really a nice open floor plan and that’s something that we were looking for.

Mark Van Looy

I was kind of concerned about how close the houses were to each other, but it seemed to be no concern. We don’t hear the neighbors, and we’re in a nice corner space, and it’s been really convenient. We love entertaining, with the open floor plan, and having people be able to mill about with lots of space. It’s a really nice side yard, and a garden that was already established for us, so that was extra nice.