Each step happened efficiently thanks to Raziel’s hands on team.
– Hilary Terrell

Hilary Terrell

What was your journey like buying a home, and what surprised you the most?


I was looking passively, and unexpectedly found something I was very interested in - before I even had an agent. I was surprised I found a home that felt like THE home. Every time I was at the house, I had a wonderful feeling that this was the right place for me and my girls.

What was your experience like selling your home?


It felt like an easy, seamless process. I sold the house after we had moved into the new one, so it was ready for painting and staging. Each step happened efficiently thanks to Raziel’s hands on team.

What was your experience working with Raziel?



My home sold in two weeks, during the holiday season! It was a testament to his marketing and prep work - other similar homes in the area stayed on the market for much longer. Very grateful to have found him and his team and highly recommend!

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?


I love the friendly atmosphere – on a closed cul de sac, everyone knows one another and makes a point to introduce themselves. It’s also an ideal place for kids to play outside – reminds me of where I grew up in Georgia!

What is your proudest accomplishment?


Keeping two kids alive (and they’ve turned out pretty darn well, so far).

What was your childhood ambition?


To be a writer or performer.

What’s been your biggest challenge?


The ups and downs of parenthood.

What was your first job?


Intern at a literary agency in New York City.

What’s your greatest Inspiration?


My kids – everything I do is for them.

What’s your favorite hidden gem?


My two of my favorite outdoor spots in San Mateo – Ryder Park and Sawyer Camp Trail.

What’s your favorite movie?


Waiting for Guffman.

What’s on the top of your bucket list item?


Visiting Australia.

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