Dale Perkins

Burlingame, Easton Addition | client since 2019


What do you love the most about your neighborhood?

Dale Perkins

Closeness of the neighbors- friendships.

What was your experience like selling your home?

Dale Perkins

The sale of my home was totally transparent and quickly done. At this point Evie had passed away. Thankfully Raziel was transparent and walked me through every aspect of the transaction. He made me feel comfortable and was very patient with my being naïve to it all.

What was your experience working with Raziel?

Dale Perkins

Total satisfaction.

Raziel is genuine to the core and working with him goes far beyond the transaction and continues for many years after. He has a reputation for his dedication to his clients, friends, and family beyond the norm and he goes the extra mile to create personal life-long trusts and relationships.

I have personally worked with many wonderful, professional realtors in Burlingame over the years but the choice of realtors was easy.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Dale Perkins

There are more that I can count. I have been blessed with so many miracles in Burlingame.

What was your childhood ambition?

Dale Perkins

I was born during the big depression and lived mostly in small farming towns in Minnesota. I had no visions for the future. This was the pre-computer age.

9. What’s your favorite hidden gem?

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Dale Perkins

Living with cognitive limitations. Living with insecurities.

What was your first job?

Dale Perkins

Selling papers at Hyde and Ellis Streets(tenderloin) SF.

What’s your greatest Inspiration?

Dale Perkins

I am doing it now: I have many friends and opportunities to paint. Raziel has given me a second life of opportunities.

What’s on the top of your bucket list item?

Dale Perkins

NOTHING. I have always chased that next opportunity. They kept popping up. I was always totally consumed. FUN!