Debbie Bryne & Brie Ahern

Burlingame, Burlingame Gardens | client since 2016

AVP, Market Manager, PNC Mortage | Credit Support Manager

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?

Location! Location! Location! Great people and great community. We wanted move from San Francisco to a more family orientated community. Burlingame has met all of our hopes and expectations.

What was your journey like buying a home?

We understood how important it was having the right person on our team. Raziel was that person and made the process very streamlined and focused. From our first meeting until we closed on our home Raziel was always available and an invaluable advocate.

My experience working with Raziel was________________?


Raziel was very a clear communicator and really took the time to know our family and to focus on our objectives around finding and executing on the right property. As a member of the community himself I think he enjoys having his clients become a part of that very special Burlingame community. We are extremely grateful for becoming active members of the community and for the home that Raziel helped us obtain

Where did you grow up?


Bay Area

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Finding the love of my life Brie and buying a home with her in Burlingame

What’s your favorite hidden gem?

Spending time in a Bungalow at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Hawaii!!!

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Juggling the stress of career and living in the bay area to be able to afford these beautiful houses

What’s your favorite movie?

The Matrix

What’s on the top of your bucket list item?

Coming up with a new bucket list

What organizations do you love?


Doctors without Borders