Bowie Estate tree-lined street and a man on a bike in San Mateo.

Bowie Estate

Bowie Estate is the largest neighborhood in San Mateo

One of San Mateo’s largest districts, both in population and physical size, Bowie Estate is the name given to a collection sub-neighborhoods located north and east of downtown. Bowie Estate, population 10,000-plus, is one of San Mateo’s most densely-populated areas, despite the presence of several city and commercial buildings within its boundaries. It is an entry-level neighborhood, with several blocks of modest single-family homes and apartment complexes, along with San Mateo High School, the Department of Motor Vehicles and a courthouse. Bowie Estate is also home to the popular Woodlake condominium complex, which has over 900 units in a relaxed setting with plenty of green, open space, tennis courts, swimming pools, and more.

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