We chose Raziel due to his focus on our community, and deep knowledge of similar transactions in the neighborhood.
– Steve & Cathy Smythe
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    Director of Product Management at IBM

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    Designer/Senior Project Manager at Creative Solutions

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Steve & Cathy Smythe

What was your home selling experience like?

Raziel took the reins from the time we chose him until escrow closing. We had to do very little, as Razie'ls team co-ordinated all the inspections, pictures, videos, paperwork, etc., and created unique marketing materials such as the 3D video tour and sellers distinguishing features video.

Why did you choose Raziel to sell your home?

We interviewed 3 short-listed agents to sell our home, and all were very qualified. Raziel rose to the top due to his focus on our community, and deep knowledge of similar transactions in the neighborhood that would be beneficial in marketing our property. Raziel was the only one who took the time and expense of materials to market us, the sellers, directly to potential buyers creating an emotional connection to the property in a transaction that is too often simply numbers on a contract.

What surprised you the most?

Receiving 10 offers all well over our asking price was shocking. We did not think our house would appeal to so many buyers, which shows the strength of the marketing plan deployed.

What did you love most about your neighborhood?

The walkability of the Burlingables neighborhood is a key feature of why we loved living there, making the trek to San Francisco not necessary when we wanted dinner out. There is also a true sense of community among neighbors, turning a stroll to the park a time to meet up with others in the community and catching up with the latest places to go.

What was your childhood ambition?


I was always interested in using my hands to build things, from small electronic kit projects to helping my dad in house renovations. This translated to my career in managing the creation of enterprise software solutions and continuing with our own house renovations projects.


I always wanted to use my creative vision for interior design. At an early age I always needed to live/play in spaces that looked beautiful while still functional.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Moving from the comfort of friends and family in Toronto, Canada to the unknown wild west.

What was your first job?


At 16, I kept out of trouble on the midnight shift loading transcontinental trains with food and beverages for via Rail Canada. I learned the value of hard work and honesty with my on-board colleagues, as I never did "lose one of those small liquor bottles.


I started in the retail industry at Marks & Spencer, a UK firm also in Canada. I worked my way up to being the youngest supervisor in the retail chain.

Who was your greatest inspiration?


Elon Musk. If he can economically transform the car industry away from fossil fuels AND have a successful business flying rockets into space, then surely I can do something in this world.


Marlo Thomas playing Ann Marie in "That Girl". She was creative, had a cool apartment, and was both independent and successful, just like I wanted to be.

What's your favorite room?

Our favorite room in our Burlingame house is actually not a room, but the garden. Since we came from a much colder climate, we both cherished the outdoors, and took every opportunity to enjoy this natural beauty from our private sanctuary.

What's the best advice you have received?

Our 90+ old neighbor in Burlingables always told us to take time to "Live Da Life."

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