Selling our home was fast and fun! It took a matter of weeks and did not require much effort on our part since Raziel and his team were excellent about keeping us on schedule.
– Max & Alexis
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Max & Alexis

What did you love most about your neighborhood?

The best part of our neighborhood is that it is walking and biking distance from top-rate schools, restaurants, libraries, shops, and parks. We have the privilege to walk our daughter to school every morning and bike with our two children along our tree-lined neighborhood streets to grab a frozen yogurt on the weekends. We take full advantage of all the kid-friendly library, park, and rec center events and classes. We have always felt safe and welcome since moving to the neighborhood, especially by other families that attend our elementary school.

What was your experience like selling your home?

Our experience selling our home was fast and fun! It took a matter of weeks and did not require much effort on our part since Raziel and his team were excellent about keeping us on schedule and moving along with various tasks. They coordinated painters, stagers, showings, etc., with minimal direction from us, but of course were also open to our suggestion. The exercise of taking offers in-person suited our style perfectly and left us feeling very good about the family our home ended up with and our final sale price.

What was your journey like buying a home, and what surprised you the most?

Our home-buying journey was exactly what we needed to find our home and be satisfied with our choice. When we started the process, we were certain that we wanted a turn-key property, without any need for renovation. Eight months later, we signed the deed for a complete fixer-upper. A year and a half after that, we moved into a brand-new home. We had gutted the entire house, upgrading everything except the four exterior walls, and redid the entire front and backyard. We are over the moon about our new place, and never would have come to the decision for a complete renovation without the months of searching with Raziel. As a result of the months-long search, we had a sense of what the market offered, and realized—when we found our home—we were up for the task in making it exactly what we wanted.

Our experience working with Raziel was ____________________.


With Raziel, we were confident that he knew what we wanted, that we would find it with his assistance, and that we would pay a price we were comfortable with, all of which came to pass.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Raising two fierce, kind girls.

What is your favorite hidden gem?

iL Piccolo, a coffee shop and cafe on Broadway Avenue. We can always count on friendly neighborhood faces, the owner asking if I want “the regular,” and the little bench outside for a sunny chat.

What organizations do you love?

The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a nonprofit that provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrant families separated at the border, and Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), an organization that works to preserve open space, farms, and parkland on the Peninsula.

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