This was a multiple offer scenario and Raziel was a superstar in strategizing and negotiating the deal. WE GOT IT!!
– Eric Sevim

Where did you grow up?


I grew up in Belmont. I walked to Central Elementary School, took the SamTrans bus to Ralston Middle School, and drove to Carlmont High School. Life as a kid in Belmont was great.

I remember playing on the fields at Barrett, visiting the Belmont Library for reading days, riding my bike around the hills to meet up with friends, performing in the Christmas Carol production at the College of Notre Dame, and starting my life as a Boy Scout.

As life transitioned from attending the College of San Mateo to working at A+ Japanese Auto Repair (our auto repair shop), Belmont was conveniently located.

What was your journey like buying a home?


We started out looking at single family homes but after searching and not being able to find the right one, we redirected our search to condos.

Raziel started our process started with a Q&A at his office. We discussed my real estate needs, wants, and desires. Then we toured neighborhoods which were a good fit.

After that, we set up a daily email program that would alert me about any and all properties that fit my criteria. This is where the fun began. I found myself glued to email scouring alerts as soon as they arrived. Several weeks later, we made an offer on a top floor, one bedroom, short sale condo.

We got a week into the deal and the listing agent asks for a $5,000 short sale fee (outside of escrow). NOT LEGAL!!! Raziel advised me of the pros and cons but assured me that he could not continue representing me knowing that the listing agent was being unlawful. I really appreciated that Raziel didn’t push the sale through just to collect the commission. So back to the search...

Two weeks later I received a call from Raziel about another condo in San Carlos that fit the bill. We looked at it and made an offer two days later. This was a multiple offer scenario and Raziel was a superstar in strategizing and negotiating the deal. WE GOT IT!!

Fast forward a few years and I still see Raziel a few times a year, whether he is sending a San Carlos real estate market report, throwing a client appreciation event, or stopping by (legitimately) just to say hello! I highly recommend Raziel for any real estate transaction, real estate advice, or for any realtor advice locally or nationally.

What do you love the most about your neighborhood?


The property that we found is located on Elm Street close to downtown San Carlos. We chose this property specifically for the location. My girlfriend and I walk downtown for dinner, take the train to sporting events, and it's only a few miles from both of our workplaces.

What surprised you the most about the home buying process?


The home buying process went quite smooth, that was a nice surprise! The toughest part of the process was getting the loan!!

My experience working with Raziel was ______.



What is your proudest accomplishment?


Becoming an Eagle Scout

What was your childhood ambition?


Windsurfing every day… oh isn’t it beautiful how we dream as children.

What is your favorite hidden gem?


Huddart Park – I often run there in the late afternoon. It’s such a special place and so close to home.

What is your biggest challenge?


Growing my business in a highly competitive auto repair space.

What was your first job?


I worked as an intern for Morgan Stanley doing CRM for a broker. Does anyone remember ACT?

Who is your inspiration?


First my family. They have been guiding lights in so many ways. Secondly, my friends inspire me. I am blessed to have so many interesting and wonderful people in my life.

What is your favorite movie?


Forest Gump. Here is a man on a journey, a positive avenue, and no inhibitions to embark on life.

Which is your favorite room?


Our newly remodeled bathroom. Quiet, clean, soaker tub, dim lights, peaceful…you get the picture.

What is your top bucket list item?


Right now, a bike ride over the Sierra Mountain range on Highway 88. It’s one of the most beautiful roads I have ever traveled.

What organizations do you love?


Enterprise RentACar – Customer Service

Amazon – Easy Processes

Apple – Device Continuity and Easy Interface

What is the best advice you've ever received?


Business: Don’t worry about money. Take care of your customers first and the money will show up.

Personal: Surround yourself with friends who will bring you up and not bring you down.

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