Raziel is always calm.
– Ruth Meyer
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    , Redwood City

What was your selling experience like?


Amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams. Thought at best I'd make 800k and we got 900k. Very smooth. No nasty surprises or panics. Raziel is always calm.

Wy did you choose Raziel to sell your home?


Because I attended one of his workshops in San Mateo and decided he was the most knowledgeable guy about real estate I'd every met. He fielded every single question from his audience and stayed behind helping people. A true teacher.

What surprised you the most about your selling experience?


The offer I received on my property.

What did you love most about your neighborhood?


The friendliness and closeness of shops and restaurants.

What was your childhood ambition?


To be a rock star.

What has been your biggest challenge?


Leaving England to pursue my dream of gaining a PhD in the USA.

What was your first job?


Holiday job? Door to door insurance saleswoman in England. First real job; History Teacher.

Who was your greatest inspiration?


Freddie Mercury (lead singer of the rock group Queen).

What's your favorite room?


The bedroom - my retreat and sanctuary.

What's the best advice your have received?


Follow your bliss.

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