"We chose Raziel after interviewing several realtors because of his integrity and straight-forward approach, and mostly because he’s not just a Realtor selling a house; he builds relationships with his clients.

– Patt Sheldon

Patt Sheldon

What was your home selling experience like?



We chose Raziel after interviewing several realtors because of his integrity and straight-forward approach, and mostly because he’s not just a Realtor selling a house; he builds relationships with his clients. He wanted to know with whom he was working on a personal level. I also felt Raziel respected me and heard what I had to say—over the years, I have dealt with people who defer to men for decision-making, and as a retired teacher, now a textile and jewelry business owner, I am very capable and want to know my point of view is acknowledged and respected. Raziel definitely listens to his clients.

Because this had been our family home for over 55 years, Raziel spent an afternoon showing me comparable homes in the neighborhood so I could price ours with knowledge rather than emotion. Ours needed some TLC, and with Raziel’s expertise, it looked beautiful once again for showing. He also added that personal touch by having me write a story about our house for prospective buyers to read, which connected my familial experiences to the process.

I particularly liked the process of having realtors present their offers to us on a chosen day after showing the house over two consecutive weekends. I never felt pushed or rushed to make a decision, and our whole family trusted his ability to represent and negotiate for us to get the best price for our home.

Why did you choose Raziel to sell your home?


We interviewed several agents. What separated Raziel from others is he told us he doesn’t just want to be our agent, he builds relationships with his clients. He listens when people talk—doesn’t interrupt and makes his clients feel their concerns are important, no matter how little the question. He demonstrated his skills at his annual client party when he introduced each couple—and there had to be about 50 people there—telling something personal about each couple or family and what he learned while working with them.

As a result of working with Raziel, when I bought a home in Sonora, I gravitated towards a realtor who had the same characteristics, and we're now friends with him and his wife.

What surprised you the most?


I was surprised how great the house looked after the yard was cleaned up and the interior beautifully staged. I almost wanted to buy it myself!

What is your proudest accomplishment?


I taught school for 35 years, but the rewards came later when students who are now adults reached out through social media to tell me I was their favorite or best teacher and still keep in touch today.

Childhood ambition:


Fashion designer, but no one knew--I was expected to become a full-time wife and mother.

Favorite hidden gem:


My house in Sonora.

Biggest challenge:


Losing my sister to cancer when she was 49, then having to take care of our mother for 13 years on my own.

First job:


Junior secretary when I was 18 at NFIB in San Mateo before going to college.

Favorite movie:


“Auntie Mame" because I wanted to grow up and be just like her….I would have loved to show my nephews the world outside Burlingame. My family always knew me to be a little left of center (most middle school teachers are), but they kept me in check where those 3 boys were concerned.

​Favorite room(s):


My studio and office that are filled with yarn and beads where I create jewelry and weave on a large floor loom…the equivalent of a “man-cave.”

My top bucket list item:


To see all the places I dreamed about when I took my first art history class in college.

​Organizations I love:


Any that promote women becoming independent and strong—KIVA, EnVia in Oaxaca, etc

​Best advice received:


I just met a 100-year old woman who was on her walker going up and down her street. She told me we just have to keep moving or we lose the ability to go on.

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