Burlingame Buzz VIDEO: The Burlingame Library Foundation's Children's Holiday Tea

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

March 13th, 2012 - 2 min read

Boy at Burlingame Public Library with book

One thing I love about Burlingame is there is so much packed into our small little town. Where else can you find a quaint branch of your library right in the heart of a neighborhood (in this case, the Easton Addition) that is a hub for the community?

In Burlingame, we are exceptionally proud of our Library, which many consider to be the crown jewel of our community. We have incredibly diverse programming that appeals to a wide array of residents, from lectures from well known authors to job seeking classes to in-school visits by librarians, to name a few. Our selection of books and media is first class...you can practically find anything! Both the main library and the Easton Branch have the perfect look of what every American might dream what a library should look like...I am only surprised a movie hasn't been filmed in it (yet!). As a young boy growing up in Burlingame, I have many fond memories of sitting in the book stacks reading Hardy Boys books for hours on end.

Having recently joined the board of the Burlingame Library Foundation, I began to better see firsthand the broad and deep impact our Library has in Burlingame, and I was immediately impressed with the devotion and passion that my fellow board members had for all things related to the Burlingame Public Library. I soon learned the Foundation supports many of the wonderful programs in the library, raises tens of thousands of dollars a year from our used book sales, puts on a very popular Book & Author Luncheon, and promotes the Library as a whole to the Burlingame and Hillsborough community. It is exciting to see how the Foundation has played an important role in helping our Library become one of the best and most recognized in California.

The video you're about to see below is all about the Children's Holiday Tea, which I produced for my online web series Burlingame Buzz. The event is sponsored by the Library Foundation. It was a challenging piece for my filmmaker Paul Keller and me to shoot because of the limited space (there were tons of kids and parents squeezed in like sardines in the library!) and lots of loud noises too. We tried quite a few angles and shots on the slider to get it just right and we think we captured the essence of what this event is all about. I hope you enjoy it!

To watch the video in HD, once you click the play button below, click the "360p" button in the bottom right and choose "720pHD".

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