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Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

April 14th, 2012 - 4 min read

Below is my extensive list of preschools serving the Burlingame community. If you're looking for a Burlingame preschool or thinking about buying Burlingame real estate, it's a good idea to be aware of our many excellent options. The information below was compiled from information from each school's website. (Interested in learning more about Burlingame's public elementary schools? Click here.) To view parent reviews and ratings of Burlingame preschools or other schools in the community, visit GreatSchools.org.

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Located on California Drive in the Burlingame Terrace neighborhood, Palcare is a developmentally based childcare and educational program for children from infancy through pre-K. Palcare provides affordable, safe and nurturing child care that is available day or night, 7 days a week. What makes Palcare truly unique is their flexible schedule program.

Phone: 650-340-1291; information@palcare.org

Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten

Burlingame Montessori is dedicated to providing the highest standard in Montessori education. Each child is encouraged to develop his or her own rate, and the programs are aimed at developing the intellectual, emotion and social independence of the child in a multi-cultural setting. Based on the Montessori philosophy that children learn best within an environment that supports each individual’s unique development, the programs are designed to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life. Burlingame Montessori is located in Downtown Burlingame at 525 California Drive.

Phone: 650-342-4445; burlingamemontessori@sbcglobal.com

Burlingame Sunshine Childcare

Burlingame Sunshine Childcare provides quality childcare for children 16 months – 7 years old. This licensed family daycare center offers games and puzzles, library and puppet, art, math, drama and stories, while allowing your child to feel secure, loved and respected. The school is located in the Burlingame Grove neighborhood at 1341 Laguna Avenue.

Phone: 650-773-5155; akliorin@gmail.com.

A Child’s Way

A Child’s Way provides quality childcare on site at McKinley Elementary School in the Burlingame Terrace neighborhood. A Child’s Way is a non-profit and derives its income solely from tuition and CARNIVAL, E Scrip and See’s Candy fundraising activities. From their website: Our programs are set up to provide a warm, loving, creative environment, emphasizing self-esteem and learning though hands-on activities and projects that involve self-expression, problem solving and conflict resolution.

For more information contact director Marty Miller at ACW_Washington@sbcglobal.net or call 650-342-3460.

Learning Links Preschool

Located near Ray Park, Learning Links Preschool creates a nurturing and supportive community of children, parents and highly skilled staff in order to provide the highest quality child care. Preschool classes for students ages 3–5 are in session three hours a day, four days a week. Lesson plans are designed to engage students of all abilities in each activity, and developmentally appropriate, language- rich play helps develop a desire to learn within each student. Classes are small, with a staff to student ratio of 1:5 (2 -3 year olds) or 1:6 (3-5 year olds.)

Phone: 650-652-0674; 1764 Marco Polo Way, Burlingame

The Nueva School

The Nueva School in Hillsborough was founded in 1967 as an independent coed day school for gifted children where the focus is on play as the primary learning vehicle for young children. Children are encouraged to develop confidence and creativity, and they are given the opportunity to actively participate in their own educations.

In the pre-K program, students engage in various forms of play, using dress-up, sand, clay, blocks and other materials. Children develop gross motor skills as they navigate daily outdoor and indoor activities. There is an emphasis on positive relationships with the environment and with one another, as the children learn to problem solve, collaborate and play with others. For Pre-K requirements, click here. The Nueva School is located at 6565 Skyline Boulevard in Hillsborough, and is also K-8.

Contact: Matt Berman, Director of Communications, mberman@nuevaschool.org; 650-340-4600.

Our Lady of Angels Catholic Parish

OLA is located right in the heart of the Easton Addition neighborhood on Hillside Drive. It provides a developmentally appropriate environment so that children can learn and develop socially among their peers. The preschool environment includes a play-based structure while incorporating a variety of materials and activities so that students learn new skills verbally, intellectually and physically. Click here for all tuition information.

Contact: Lysette Cukar - 650-343-3115; preschool@olaparish.org

Peninsula Temple Sholom

Peninsula Temple Sholom Preschool provides a developmentally appropriate environment where children are encouraged to explore and develop their curiosity through play and challenging experiences. The Preschool program, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, is committed to teaching values, morals, customs and traditions with a liberal Jewish approach. While the school nurtures a Jewish identity, children of all faiths are welcome. Daily activity schedules include options for quiet and active play. A variety of small and large group activities are offered, along with a balance of child-staff initiated activities. Classes may be from one to five days per week, and tuition varies based on the program and dates of attendance. All fee schedules, the application information for parents may be downloaded by clicking here.

Peninsula Sholom is located in the Mills Estates neighborhood at 1655 Sebastian Drive. Contact: Allison Steckley, 650-697-5579

Papillon Preschool

At Papillon Preschool the primary focus is placed on the needs of young children (infancy – Pre-K) and their families. The school is dedicated to the principles of social justice and respect for the uniqueness and diversity of each person, and the goal is to provide a learning environment for children that will give parents peace of mind. Papillon has full and part-time programs for children from infancy (3 months) through pre-K (4–5 years). For tuition costs, click here.

Papillon is located in the Hayward Park neighborhood of San Mateo at 1311 South Camino Real

Contact: 650-340-7241; papillonpreschool@me.com

Stepping Stone Pre-School

Located in an old house in the Burlingame Terrace neighborhood, Stepping Stone Pre-School is full of kid-friendly activities. The school offers half-day and full-day programs for children between the ages of two and five. Children receive nap time to ensure that they remain alert and well rested for the rest of the day. Stepping Stone does not have a website, so call 650-343-3362 for more information. The school is located at 1421 Palm Drive.

High Five Preschool

High Five preschool promotes your child’s physical, intellectual, language and social skills development. This is a small school with a teacher/student ratio of 1:5 located at 822 Mahler Road. Class hours are 9 am – 12 pm and 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Contact: 650-652-1707

United Methodist Church Co-op Nursery School

UMC is a parent-directed, cooperative nursery school for children 18 months to 5 years of age. Parents play an active role in all aspects of school administration, maintenance, and growth. Parents serve as elected officers, comprising the Executive Board that governs the school. UMC provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which children can develop positive feelings about their first school experience. They offer stimulating and varied activities designed to help each child grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. View a PDF of the tuition fees here. UMC is located in the Downtown Burlingame neighborhood at 1443 Howard Avenue.

Contact: 650-343-1082, info@umcnurseryschool.org

First Presbyterian Church Nursery School

First Presbyterian Church Nursery School provides a program for children ages two through 5 that offers the highest caliber of developmentally appropriate pre-school education and is consistent with the Christian teachings of the church. Parent participation is vital and parents are required to participate in and observe the nursery school class about 7 times a year in the programs for 3 and 4 year olds and every three weeks in the 2 year old class. Tuition varies based on the age of the children and the class schedule, so click here for more tuition information. The school is located on the corner of Easton Drive and El Camino in the Easton Addition neighborhood.

Contact: 650-342-8326

St. Paul’s Nursery School

St. Paul’s Nursery School’s play-based curriculum supports the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child. The curriculum is appropriate for the different stages of development and the school is arranged by centers that are open-ended and provide a wide variety of materials for children to explore. St. Paul’s Nursery School is located at 405 Camino Real right between the Downtown Burlingame and Burlingame Park neighborhoods.

Contact: 650-344-5409; registrar@stpaulsnurseryschool.org

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