Easton Addition Real Estate - May 2012

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

July 2nd, 2012 - 1 min read

An Active Market

The Burlingame neighborhood of Easton Addition has been active in the first five months of 2012, as compared to the first five months of 2011. There has been 22 homes sold through May 2012, up from 14 at the some point last year.

While most of Burlingame is experiencing an increase in interested buyers, Easton Addition has also seen a recent uptick in sellers. In the past two months, there have been 24 new homes listed in the neighborhood. However, many of those have already sold though, as indicated by the fact that the inventory of for-sale homes stood at just 10 at the end of May 2012. At the latest sales rate that represents under 2 months of inventory, which is representative of a very tight market.

Easton Addition remains one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Burlingame with average and median selling values above $1.5 million. The average price per square feet is above $650. This means that a 1,500 square foot house would go for around $1 million.

By The Numbers - Easton Addition Real Estate for May 2012

Current Month YTD Total or Average
May 2011 May 2012 Jan - May 2011 Jan - May 2012
Sales 6 8 14 22
Days on Market 22 36 44 39
Average Price $1,941,000 $1,940,000 $1,718,000 $1,687,682
Median Price $2,100,000 $2,050,000 $1,915,714 $1,717,955

Thinking of buying or selling a home in Easton Addition?

If you're interested in learning more about the Easton Addition real estate market, considering selling your home in Easton Addition, or thinking about moving to Easton Addition, please drop me a line and I'd love to connect with you.

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