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Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

December 16th, 2022 -

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Buying and Selling: How to do both at the same time

Glad you’re here! This is a really common thing I discuss with our clients on a regular basis. Say you own your home already, and you’d like to buy a larger home or just a home in a different neighborhood, perhaps for warmer weather or a different elementary school. In this post, I’ll share with you the different ways that you can structure it all to minimize stress and hopefully make it smooth sailing.


Starting your search, plus all about open houses, private showings, and off market

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, it’s often emotional and time-consuming, and can feel like you just spent a ton of money. In my...

Buyers, Sellers

Due Diligence: All About The Disclosure Package

The disclosure package contains a number of documents the seller and their agent have put together to share all the information they know about the property with...


All About HOAs: Important Things to Know Before Buying a Condo or Townhome

My clients often ask what to consider when buying a condo or townhome in San Mateo County. In this article, my goal is to educate you on both big-picture items and nuances, so you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about something that is perhaps not as intuitive as it seems on the surface.

If you’re thinking about buying a condominium or townhome -- and in a few spots in San Mateo County, a single-family attached, or detached, home -- then as part of your purchase, you’ll be joining a homeowners’ association (HOA). Below, I’ll give you a general overview of what this all means.


Homeowners’ Insurance Overview: What Are My Options?

This section will give you a better idea of how homeowner’s, or hazard insurance works and the different types of coverages available.Most lenders typically require your...


What Happens When Your Offer Is Accepted

If you're thinking about buying, or if your offer has been accepted, this will hopefully give you an idea of what you can expect when that exciting moment happens and you get the call that you just bought a home!

Buyers, Sellers

Property Taxes: What Sellers And Buyers Can Expect at Closing and Post-Closing

Property tax payments and the proration of taxes done in escrow can be confusing for both buyers and sellers. Prorations of the taxes are done in escrow to reimburse either...

Buyers, Sellers

All About Closing Costs

What are closing costs in San Mateo County and who pays for what? Here is a list of closing costs for buyers and sellers.

Buyers, Sellers

Utilities in San Mateo County

Are you about to move into your new home or condo? Or are you moving out, and want to cancel your services? The below chart will help you get going on this.

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