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Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

November 19th, 2015 - 6 min read

Raziel has a niche focused on the particular needs of physicians, dentists, attorneys, and CPAs in Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, and the surrounding communities. Say you’ve recently completed your residency and you’ve gone from making $50,000 or $60,000 a year to $150,000 – $400,000 in your first year. Or, you’ve just finished law school and start work at a firm where your base pay is $175,000 a year. While your income is now considerable, and you can support a high monthly mortgage payment, you may not have enough saved up yet for a down payment. Raziel specializes in working with high income physicians and professionals who may not have a substantial down payment, but can afford the payments on a beautiful home in the Burlingame, Hillsborough, or San Mateo areas.

If you are considered to be in this group of physicians or professionals, then you are an ideal borrower from a bank’s perspective. Why? Statistically speaking, you are among the least likeliest of all buyers to default on your mortgage, and the lowest risk. You have a good, stable income, that will likely continue to increase as you progress in your career. And, because of this, there are lenders out there who would love to give you a loan, with as little as five perent down payment. Up until a few years ago, many banks allowed buyers to borrow up to 95% of the purchase price, but today, there are very few left.The best part is, even if you thought you couldn’t qualify for a loan previously, it’s still possible to get a physician loan in 2012.

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Below are some of the nice things our physician and attorney clients have said about Raziel:

"Raziel is the best realtor we’ve worked with. He’s very honest, motivated, and the antithesis of sleaze. He helped us buy a house in a very competitive market. I am convinced that his efficiency and professionalism were key to our bid winning a multiple offer situation. I would recommend him to anyone trying to buy a home."

Miles Conrad
Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology
Section of Interventional Radiology
University of California, San Francisco

"To say that Raziel went above and beyond wouldn’t come close to doing him justice… But let us start at the beginning. More than a year before we closed escrow on our first home we first met with Raziel. Living in Burlingame at the time we looked at the yelp reviews of local agents to get a feel for our choices. Raziel’s stood out above the others, and the comments about his style and great personality drew us in. As with a lot of Yelp reviews you can wind up with hard to reach expectations, but Raziel exceeded them all. He was professional, attentive, listened to our desires and had intimate knowledge of the entire peninsula. We were only interested in a tiny segment on the water in San Mateo but every time a place came up that might interest us Raziel was on top of it, and often had us viewing the property that day, well before the open house. Once we found the house we wanted, Raziel’s shrewd recommendations on how to out negotiate our competitors is what landed us our dream home. Our offer was actually accepted over a slightly higher one. We can without a doubt tell you that we would not have our home if it was not for him. In summary Raziel is not only an ethical, skilled and professional agent, he is also a pleasure to work with. We were clearly slow playing the process but he treated us like we were his number one clients. All we can say is thank you Raziel, you make us almost wish we could do it again."

Jeanne Bergin & Dave Parris, Anesthesiologist

"Okay I have to admit I am a lazy Yelper who rarely contributes but our experience with Raziel was so exceptional that I am shamed into writing this review.I first found Raziel through Yelp and 2 months later he helped us purchase a great home. Raziel is energetic, personable, sincere, and seems to have his finger on the pulse of the competitive local housing market. Others have commented on his youth in relationship to his energy but I think he was just born that way. In the end I think his diligence and negotiation skills paid off in securing our home in a multiple bid situation.Raziel met or exceeded our expectations in all phases of the home buying process. He was meticulous, thorough, and patient with us going through a variety of home purchase scenarios and options. We never felt rushed or pressured and I felt his market assessment was very accurate especially in hindsight. While real estate is a business he really made us feel comfortable with the entire process.A few months later, we still feel that we got the perfect house at a reasonable price. Raziel accurately gauged the market and his negotiation skills got us the winning bid."

Lawrence Lu, M.D., California Pacific Medical Center
Brandy Lu, M.D., California Pacific Medical Center

"To future homeowners,My fiancé and I have been looking to purchase our first home together for some time without much success. We were constantly bombarded with pushy realtors who we felt did not have our best interest in mind. Our experience with finding our first home was drastically changed when we met Raziel.

"From the beginning, Raziel has been the most professional and hard working realtor that we have encountered. He has extensive knowledge of the San Mateo/Burlingame area and has answered all of our questions and concerns with honesty. His attention to detail and strong work ethic got the deal closed quickly with no fuss. He has gone out of his way on many occasions to ensure that the entire process ran smoothly. Additional to his excellent work, Raziel is also a great guy! It is hard to ask for anything more. Thank you Raziel for making our home buying experience a pleasure!"

Barron Hong, D.D.S. & Tiffany Louie, D.D.S.

"We looked at houses for over 10 years before buying one, so we met a lot of realtors over that time. After putting a few offers on houses, we had both good and bad experiences with realtors, but it wasn’t until we met Raziel at an open house he held and Maria said “I really liked that guy, he seems honest and straight forward and he knows the Burlingame market” that we decided to use Raziel for our next offer.The first offer we wrote with Raziel wasn’t successful but the experience helped secure our confidence in him as our realtor. Six months later when we found another house, we didn’t hesitate to call Raziel again. We listened to his advice on making the offer and we let him present it to the sellers as he wished. His presentation apparently impressed the sellers and his advice on our offer impressed us. We’re convinced the advice he gave on fine tuning our offer helped tilt the sellers in our favor and we got the house.The reasons we recommend Raziel come from our experience with Raziel during those two offers, not from the fact that we got the particular house we liked at a price we thought was very fair. Don’t let his handsome youthful looks deceive you, he is profoundly serious about his profession and his expertise exceeds his age. Every step of the way his advocacy for us did not waver, he truly was our advocate throughout the process. He helped us work through our reasoning for writing the offer as we did, he put a personal touch to it in his personal presentation to the sellers, he helped us through the process of meeting the contingencies and he helped us when we spoke with the loan officer for the first time.Raziel is focused on the Burlingame area, and his familiarity with that market was very helpful. He understands the importance of developing long term relations with the residents and businesses of Burlingame (he has volunteered and hosted numerous Burlingame civic events) so he has stayed with us as a realtor and a friend.In short, we recommend Raziel based on his integrity, expertise and ambition. If he represents others with the same sincerity and thoroughness as he did us, we’ll be seeing Raziel in the Burlingame real estate business for many years to come."

Steven Crocker and Maria Patino, Pathologist

"We first met Raziel while he was doing an open house. Although we weren’t interested in that particular house, we just started talking about the real estate market in the areas we were looking to buy a house, namely, Burlingame and San Mateo. It became apparent to us that having grown up in Burlingame, Raziel knew these areas very well and could detail the pros/cons of each neighborhood and even streets! We had a follow-up meeting with him and continued to be impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and ability to understand what we wanted in a house.Ever since we committed to Raziel as our Realtor, he has been very thorough in researching all the relevant information that we needed to make informed decisions without coercing us into making offers on houses which were not that appealing to us. When we did decide to make an offer, he made the process of putting together an offer as pain free as possible (especially given that we had never made an offer before). He also has no qualms about writing and presenting offers considerably below the asking price. In fact, we bought our house for below the asking price as well. No matter what the price of the offer, Raziel presents the offer with very convincing arguments as to why the offer is very fair and competitive.Another quality that we really appreciated was that he always made our offers in person. We feel that this approach really improved our chances of convincing the seller of the compelling nature of our offer.Beyond excelling at the handling of real estate transactions, Raziel was also very dedicated to helping us find the right house. Whether he had to come to the train stations to pick us up (if one of us happened to be without a car) or meet us at odd times of day and night to see houses, Raziel did it with enthusiasm. You could also reach him by email or phone at any time. He really wanted to put in the maximum effort to give us the best chance of seeing houses in a timely manner.Above all, Raziel is just a fun person to be around. In our case, it took a while to find our “dream” house at a great price! So, we spent quite a lot of time together. Raziel was always cheerful and made the whole process fun. We have no hesitations in recommending Raziel as a Realtor and have no doubts that his list of satisfied clients will continue to grow at a rapid rate!"

Sujai Chari and Shilpa Chari, M.D.

"Thanks a million would be at best just scratching the surface – our gratitude for the excellent service, honesty and professionalism with which you cared for us is beyond words! Your sincere desire to help us find the perfect house, as expressed in your own words, “no matter how long it takes”, truly made us feel like you were always going to look out for our best interests. And when the time came that we did find the right house, you were indeed looking out for our best interests – you saved us $50,000 dollars on our dream home! Even though you were aware that we were willing to spend the extra money to secure the house, your keen understanding of the market, your ability to negotiate on our behalf, and your ability to build strong rapport with those you work with, put that money back into our pockets.Raziel, you exemplify integrity and have a work ethic that is a rarity. Even after the sale, your cornucopia of knowledge is helping make our transition back to the Bay Area and into this wonderful home a smooth one. So, for lack of a better way to express our heart felt gratitude – thanks, thanks, and thanks again!"

Helen Miranda and Steven Crooks, Medical Physicist

"This last summer, I had the pleasure of working with Raziel Ungar as listing agent in connection with the sale of my mother’s home in Millbrae, California. After he had performed an initial market analysis, he urged us to consider renovations and updating that would enhance the value of the home and command a better selling price. We followed his advice, and as a result the home sold very shortly after it was listed.
In my professional career I have worked extensively with developers, builders, and rel estate sales organizations. Based on my experience, I must say that the level of service provided by Raziel form the initial market analysis through the date of closing exceeded my highest expectations. His guidance throughout was thoughtful, upbeat, and very effective. I commend him to you unconditionally."

John H. Heald Attorney at Law

Raziel is proud to help doctors with physician loans buy real estate in Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, San Carlos, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, Belmont, Foster City, and Millbrae.

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