Burlingame Buzz VIDEO: Burlingame Mothers' Club

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

February 8th, 2012 - 2 min read

The Burlingame Mother’s Club (BMC) is an incredible organization which provides support, information, friendship and community to mothers of children from birth through age five in Burlingame, Hillsborough, and San Mateo. I recently produced a video all about the Mothers' Club for my web series Burlingame Buzz (below) which will give you a good taste of what the club is all about. I hope you enjoy it!

I've had this video closed captioned for the benefit of those who are hearing impaired, so make sure to click the "CC" button in the bottom right of the video player to activate it.

A Brief Overview of the Burlingame Mothers' Club

The BMC offers Playgroups, groups for First Time Moms, Working Moms and many others organized by its diverse membership.  Formed in 1991, the group, which has more than 1700 members, has an extensive online community at Big Tent, which includes discussion forums, online ads, news, a monthly newsletter and member-only discounts.

BMC activities are centered in the Burlingame and San Mateo areas, so members must reside on the Peninsula.  In addition, BMC asks each member to contribute two volunteer hours per year to the group.  These hours may be contributed in a variety of ways, including helping at an event, preparing an **‘In-a-Pinch” meal for a family, or writing an article for the monthly newsletter.

BMC is a social group, and there are several opportunities to meet other  mothers in the area.  Social functions are held throughout the year with a parents’ party in June, an ice cream social in August, a Halloween party and parade in October, a holiday party in December, and many others.

Outings for moms and children have included train rides, local museums, picnics and the pumpkin patch.  There are also moms-only events which focus on fitness, beauty and clothing.

Speaker Series lectures are held on the second Wednesday of every month and are intended as moms-only events, but babies up to about 5 months are welcome.

BMC’s Helping Hands activities ensure interaction with the community at large and provide fundraising for community partner non-profit organizations.  Some activities include preparing Thanksgiving baskets for needy families, conducting holiday toy, clothing and baby supply drives and other community-focused events.  There is also an annual BMC Flea Market each spring, where parents can find second-hand products related to parenting and children.  Proceeds from admission and table-renting go directly to partner non-profit organizations.

If you are a lifelong resident or new to the community, whether you are a seasoned parent or expecting your first child, the BMC will support you in navigating the motherhood waters.

For membership information or to join click here.

** Any BMC member is eligible to receive up to three meals after the birth of a child or any other time she finds herself “in a pinch” (surgery, death in the family, etc.).

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