Burlingame Buzz Video: Aida Opera Candies - Candy For Your Inner Child

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

March 11th, 2012 - 1 min read

There’s a little piece of heaven right on Burlingame Avenue...That store is called Aida Opera Candies, and it's one of Burlingame's most popular treat places. It's so perfect that in Burlingame we have a third generation family owned candy business. Step into Aida Opera Candies, tucked away in the Landmark Mall, and you will literally become a kid in a candy store. Master confectioner Anthony Basques Sr. established Aida in 1947, and his son and grandson still work in the shop. Grandpa Tony was a candy maker by day and a musician by night, and so he named the shop for his favorite opera. Take a look below at my Burlingame Buzz video featuring Aida's....enjoy!

A few other words about Aida Opera Candies

Aida's uses French chocolate manufactured by E. Guittard in Burlingame. E. Guittard, which opened in San Francisco in 1868, relocated to Burlingame in 1955, is the oldest family operated and owned chocolate company in the United States.

From the dark chocolate dipped apricots to the mocha marshmallow squares to the peanut butter grahams, these confections are so beautiful that you might have trouble deciding which ones to buy, but whatever you select, you will be completely delighted. Gift baskets and favors will make any special occasion that much more special.

Aida's is located at 1375 Burlingame Avenue.

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