VIDEO: The Burlingame Interfaith Choral Concert

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

November 27th, 2011 - 2 min read

I was recently asked to produce a video for my web series Burlingame Buzz about the annual Burlingame Interfaith Choral Concert. This amazing event is a collaboration between four local churches of different denominations, and was started by Debbie Grewal several years ago as a benefit for Home and Hope, a Burlingame based non-profit. I first got to know Debbie through our line of work, as we are both Realtors in Burlingame. When I joined the board of the Burlingame Library Foundation, I further got to know Debbie as an incredibly inspiring and generous woman who has also been a big contributor to the Foundation's yearly Children's Holiday Tea in December. It was my pleasure to produce this video for Debbie's event and I hope it will help promote the Choral Concert in the future and contribute to its success in the Burlingame community.

To watch the video in HD, once you click the play button below, click the "360p" button in the bottom right and choose "720pHD". I've also had this video closed captioned for the benefit of those who are hearing impaired, so make sure to click the "CC" button in the bottom right of the video player to activate it.

This video is one of our first shot in HD; the image quality is as good as one could hope for without a special lighting kit. We were especially excited for this shoot as it provided an opportunity for my videographer, Paul Keller, to showcase some of our new equipment and what it can do. Some of the close up shots, particularly of the child playing the instrument, were done with the Canon 60D, a camera that shoots up to 60 frames a second, which enables us to beautifully feature slow motion video. I also love the Glidecam shot as we enter the church, as well as the Glidecam of the audience applauding -- it just looks so cinematic.

A short transcript of the video:
Raziel: I'm Raziel Ungar, and you're watching Burlingame Buzz.
Right now we're at St. Catherine's of Siena Catholic Church in downtown Burlingame for the Interfaith Choral Concert. I hope you enjoy the video.
Debbie: Hi, I'm Debbie Grewal, and today is the 3rd Annual Interfaith Choral Concert. This event brings four choirs together from four different churches. Three years ago I had the idea as part of my public-affairs calling in my church to see what we could do to bridge the gap between different churches 'cause music seems to be a unifying beautiful way to bring people together and to also benefit Home and Hope, which is the beneficiary of this concert.
Burlingame Interfaith Choral ConcertCarl: My name is Carl Bryce. I sing with the St. Paul's Episcopal Church. This is a great space to sing in. It was a lot of fun. Being in a church choir you don't get to hear other choirs so it was fun to hear other choirs and then to join together and sing as a group. A lot of inspirational music; it's peaceful.
Gabriel: I'm Gabriel and I sing in the St. Paul's choir. I've been singing for a while. My goals are to keep singing and do better. This is an important part of my life and my choir career.
Lisa: My name is Lisa Striebing and I'm Board President of Home and Hope. We are an organization that is a rotational shelter for the episodically homeless. We use congregations, churches, and temples to house our folks overnight and the volunteers provide meals, overnight support, and then we have a day center here in Burlingame.
Gabriel: We're involved with Home and Hope by being an overnight host. My family loves being an overnight host for Home and Hope because it feels like camping, and it feels good to help other people.


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