School District Information & School Boundaries


This page lists the school district boundaries for all of the public elementary school districts on the peninsula. The links below will take you to the districts’ home page along with the boundaries of the areas they serve. Detailed information and videos about particular schools may be found on the individual Neighborhoods pages on this site within the Communities section.We are blessed to have extraordinary public schools throughout the North Peninsula.

Elementary & Middle Schools

Burlingame Elementary School District website
View Burlingame School Boundaries in list form by street
View Burlingame School Boundaries on a google map
View Raziel’s list and descriptions of Burlingame preschools

Hillsborough City School District website
Boundaries: contact the registrar at 650-342-5193

San Mateo/Foster City Elementary School District website
San Mateo Foster City School Boundaries
San Mateo Elementary School Boundaries on a google map
Foster City Elementary School Boundaries on a google map
View Raziel’s list and descriptions of San Mateo preschools

San Carlos School District website
San Carlos School Boundaries

Millbrae School District website
Millbrae School Boundaries (will open PDF)

Belmont/Redwood Shores School District website
Belmont Redwood Shores School District Boundaries

Redwood City School District website
Redwood City School Boundaries

This information is not guaranteed. School districts change boundaries on a regular basis. For the latest information, visit the district websites through the above links or call the district directly.

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