Parrot Drive

An extremely sparsely-populated neighborhood consisting of a handful of homes and considered a “hidden gem” by many, Parrot Drive is a place in which sales are very rare. In 2020 — a banner year for Parrot Drive activity — two homes sold in the community. In 2019, only one home sold, for $5.15 million, slightly less than the 2020 average of $5.25 million. This data, of course, does not include the historic mansion put on the market this past year by Tesla founder Elon Musk. Once listed for as much as $100 million (by a previous owner), Musk purchased the 110 year-old, 16,000 square-foot “Guigne Court” for just shy of $24 million in 2017, then listed the 47-acre estate for $35 million this past spring, only to remove it from the market in November.

  • $4.3M
    Median Sale Price
  • $8.6M
    Average Sale Price
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