Distribution of Lot Sizes in Burlingame

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

October 19th, 2020 - 2 min read

The below post is for anyone interested about the variation in lot sizes in Burlingame. On this map, we've placed a pin for each of the 6,168 lots in Burlingame with the size of the lot listed, and then color coded based on size.

Over the years, I've had dozens of conversations with my buyers looking to buy homes in Burlingame who are curious about distribution of lot size. In the past, we've run MLS searches upon request, which has been helpful, but until now, this data has not been visualized in the below way. 

Common questions I am asked, and hopefully this will solve:

In a certain neighborhood, how many lots are there of X size?

How rare is it to find an oversized lot in Burlingame Park?

Where are the larger lots in Burlingame located?

How many lots over 6,000 s/f are there in Easton Addition?

Distribution of Lot Sizes in Burlingame

Number of lots under 5,000 square feet: 511 [light blue pushpin]

Number of lots 5,000 s/f to 5,999 s/f: 1,526 [light green pushpin]

Number of lots that are 6,000 s/f: 1,202 [red pushpin]

Number of lots that are 6,001 s/f to 8,000 s/f: 1,316 [dark blue pushpin]

Number of lots over 8,000 s/f: 1,613 s/f [dark green pushpin]

Below is the data for home many homes are in each Burlingame neighborhood based on lot size. There are 12 neighborhoods in Burlingame: Burlingables, Burlingame Grove, Burlingame Park, Burlingame Village, Easton Addition, Mills Estates, Burlingame Gardens, Burlingame Hills, Burlingame Terrace, Downtown Burlingame (mostly condos and apartment buildings), Lyon Hoag, and Ray Park.

Breakdown by Neighborhood: Distribution of Lot Sizes for Homes in Burlingame

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