A Short, Fun History of Burlingame Through Video

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

November 11th, 2011 - 1 min read

I produced this video for my web series, BurlingameBuzz. Listening to John Horgan, Joanne Garrison, and Blanche Duffey chat, you really feel they're taking you back in time to some real Burlingame history...step in and enjoy this short, fun video.

I’ve also had this video closed captioned for the benefit of those who are hearing impaired, so make sure to click the “CC” button in the bottom right of the video player to activate it.

A short transcript of the video: John Horgan: I've lived in Burlingame for 42 years. Joanne Garrison: I'm Joanne Garrison. I moved here with my husband in 1986. I'm very happy to have just, with the Burlingame Historical Society, published a book on Burlingame. Blanche Duffey: Burlingame is a very--it's a close town. It's a very friendly town. It's very old. And we seem at home there. John Horgan: In a nutshell, Burlingame was formed to serve Hillsborough. Very wealthy people from San Francisco created summer homes and mansions in Hillsborough, which is west of Burlingame. And they needed a town to service their needs. They needed stores. They needed plumbers. They needed electricians. They needed hardware stores. Blanche Duffey: Burlingame, as a small town, was--you met everybody in a different store because the stores were there for years. Joanne Garrison: This is the waiting station that all the prominent people came to. And you know, I can just imagine them here. Teddy Roosevelt came through this train station on, I'm sure it must have been a fundraising trip to the Burlingame Country Club. But other--before the city really developed, this was the home of all the community meetings. This was where the Burlingame Woman's Club got its start. This is where the First Baptist Church over on El Camino got it's start. John Horgan: The baseball field at Washington Park is like something out of a postcard from 1885. It's amazing. It just--this place kind of takes you back in time a little bit. Blanche Duffey: And when we bought this house in 1962, we paid $33,000 for it. And I was offered 5 years ago $3,500,000. Not for the house, for the property.
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