Yes, San Mateo still has a local hardware store: Wisnom's Hardware, Since 1905

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

April 29th, 2012 - 1 min read


Sam the Hardware Store Gal

In this day and age of big box stores, it's refreshing to now there's still a high quality and locally owned hardware store succeeding right in the heart of downtown San Mateo.

Enter Wisnom’s Hardware (originally named Wisnom-Bonner Hardware), located at 545 First Street. Wisnom's was founded in 1905 by Robert James Wisnom, William Wisnom and Robert Bonner.  The business sold mostly building supplies; hammers and nails, nuts and bolts, horseshoe nails and barbed wire. In the 1920s, they sold and serviced Dodge automobiles, and later added stoves, refrigerators, phonographs and records, and they even had listening booths located in the store.

Robert J. apparently numbered among the millions of law biding citizens who did not adhere to the Eighteenth Amendment. During Prohibition, local legend says Wisnom stored bootleg alcohol in kegs in a barn behind the store.

The store is now operated by the fourth generation of the Wisnom family and carrie everything from paint to bakeware to skincare products and greeting cards.







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