Industry Insider Calls Raziel's Website "The Most Impressive Local Content Effort I've Seen by an Agent"

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

January 1st, 2014 - 1 min read

I was honored yesterday to be featured by Drew Meyers on his Geek Estate blog. Drew writes extensively about technology and innovation in the real estate industry, and I've been an avid reader of his blog for over a year. Drew is a forward thinker and doesn't shy away from sharing his opinions and thoughts on what's coming down the pipe, as well as analyzing what's most important to stay relevant today for agents and brokerages. In his profile, he touches on some of the things I've worked hard to build into the, mapping, market data, and community information. I think that's what it's all about - finding ways to deliver value to visitors online and to demonstrate my expertise in my area.

I hope you enjoy his article!

Geek Estate Raziel Ungar Screenshot of Geek Estate blog post about Raziel Ungar.

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