The City of Trees is a City of Parks

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

December 4th, 0001 - 2 min read

One of the most appealing features of Burlingame is the abundance of parks. For active families, these parks provide athletic fields, miles of trails, picnic areas and playgrounds. Below is a list of parks; find the one that suits your family and activity level.

Bayside Park, located near Burlingame Gardens, has something for everyone. The park provides the largest collection of athletic facilities in Burlingame. There are lighted fields for soccer, youth baseball and softball, and several miles of trails for walkers, runners and cyclists, and the dog exercise area is more than 570 feet in length, so even large dogs can take advantage of it. For all of the rules governing the dog park, click here.

Also located in Burlingame Gardens is Alpine Playground, a small neighborhood park with an upgraded playground intended for young children and their caregivers. The park has benches for only limited gatherings.

Cuernavaca Park, located in the Mills Estates neighborhood of Burlingame, boasts a spectacular view of the Bay. The park offers a site for youth baseball and softball games, and the children’s playground and basketball court are located at the highest elevation on the site. This park is also a good place to view planes landing at the San Francisco Airport.

Heritage Park in the Burlingame Park neighborhood was once a residential property and does not have any formal recreational facilities. The intent of the park is to provide a spot for a quiet lunch or a few minutes of contemplation. There are a few benches and a small picnic table where you can sit and enjoy the dense plants, many of which date back to the time when a residence occupied the site.

Nearby is Burlingame Park’s Pershing Park, which was the site of a local elementary school until it was converted to a neighborhood park in the 1980s. The park, which is designed for families with young children, is appropriate for informal play for individuals and small groups.

In the Lynn Hoag neighborhood is Victoria Park. It has an upgraded playground, which is appropriate for young children and a half court basketball court. The park is notable for its grove of Coastal Redwoods, which complements the quiet residential neighborhood.

Village Park in Burlingame Village neighborhood boasts a newly renovated Pre-School and is a popular site for tossing a ball, reading a book, eating lunch or a variety of children’s play activities. ** Note: On weekdays between 10 AM – 3 PM no group of more than 15 persons may gather in the park without specific written permission fro the City’s Parks & Recreation Director.

Ray Park, in the neighborhood of the same name, has a shaded playground, which is ideal on hot summer days. A two-acre turf area is home to the local Girls’ Softball Association, and tennis courts and a multi-use court provide accommodation for a variety of activities. There are two picnic tables, which are available without reservations for small groups.

There are several more parks and playgrounds in the City of Trees, so for a full listing, click here.

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