The Best Places To Go For A Walk in Burlingame

Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

December 4th, 0001 - 1 min read

my favorite route for a stroll is at the waters edge....i love the egrets,and many birds(could name the birds here...)...watching them in  high and low tide, and feeling the breeze and openness of space....i feel like i'm on vacation in burlingame....
-- Margie Ungar


Favorite walks in Burlingame:  Mills Canyon; or up Adeline to Hillside and up Valedeflores to Los Robles, and down Hillside to Newton Drive and back to Hillside to Alvarado and down through Mercy back to Adeline, down the hill. Or another favorite when I have a couple of hours is to wander up Easton, up to Summit, turn left on Summit, and up the hill as far as I can go to Skyline and then turn left and back down the hill, on new streets to explore.

-- Nina Weil

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