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Raziel Ungar

Raziel Ungar

May 2nd, 2012 - 2 min read

The San Mateo Mothers Club is for expectant moms and moms in the San Mateo area with children from birth to 5 years. The club not only has activities like play groups, they also have an active outreach program, adult socials and “in-a-pinch” services for new moms. SMCC’s membership of more than 300 families reflects San Mateo’s diversity, and moms will find that the group shares similar child-rearing experiences.

Play Groups

Depending on the group, the number of moms per play group varies. You might have as few as three or as many as ten moms in any group. The groups meet at parks, homes or other locations chosen by the members. SMCC also holds an open play group once a week. To contact the play group coordinator, click here.

Children’s Outings

Some past outings include a fire station tour, berry picking at Phips, a trip to the Children’s Discovery Museum, Kindermusik class and Art in the Box classes. All outings are planned to be age-appropriate.

Adult Socials

One of the things moms with young children crave is the chance to spend time with other grownups. Adult socials give moms the chance to meet other moms in a fun, social setting. Some past events include cooking and cake decorating classes, tea at the Ritz and the annual mom’s weekend away.

In-a-Pinch (IAP)

The in-a-pinch program is there to help club members during a family emergency or other major life event. IAP volunteers normally provide evening meals, but if you need some assistance with errands or grocery shopping, that can be arranged. The in-a-pinch program can be a lifesaver for families with a new baby or when bed rest due to pregnancy, illness or surgery makes dealing with your daily routine difficult.

IAP volunteers most often provide evening meals, but other assistance, such as running errands or grocery shopping, can be arranged if needed. Meals are usually provided by the moms in your particular playgroup, but additional volunteers are always needed.

SMCC members also communicate through Big Tent, the online resource for the group calendar, an email forum, classifieds and more.

Membership dues are $42 per year and are prorated for new members. For all the information you need, and to join online, click here. You may also join at the monthly general meeting, held on the second Tuesday of each month at The Garden Center at 605 Parkside Way. The meeting runs from 7 pm – 9 pm. For the first 30 minutes, socialize and grab some snacks. (Babes in arms are welcome.)

Phone: 650.286.3404

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