Tobin Clark Estate

Tobin Clark Estate is one the most “unique” neighborhoods among Hillsborough neighborhoods

Tobin Clark Estate, Hillsborough’s southernmost district, is surrounded on most sides by San Mateo, and part of it abuts the College of San Mateo. Most of Tobin Clark Estate was originally the grounds of the Tobin Clark family estate, and it wasn’t developed until the 1970s. For this reason, Tobin Clark Estate is somewhat unique among Hillsborough neighborhoods. Tobin Clark Estate real estate is newer than the Hillsborough norm, with many homes built only in the last 20 years. A significant number date back no further than 2000.

The neighborhood’s topography is different as well. Many of Tobin Clark Estate’s streets lack the canopies of trees that define so many Hillsborough streets.

Since 2017, when homes built on the site of the former Tobin Clark estate sold for an average of $3.94 million, Tobin Clark real estate has gained 53% in value. This year, the average Tobin Clark home fetched $6.06 million on the open market, an increase of 8% from 2020 and actually something of a disappointment after recording a 26% increase from 2019-2020. More notable, perhaps, is Tobin Clark’s increase in sales activity. This year, 11 homes sold in Tobin Clark, an increase of 57% from 2020. This is only the second time Tobin Clark has recorded double-figure sales since 2016. During that time, annual sales have averaged 8.5.

To view a detailed google map of the Tobin Clark Estates neighborhood, click here. The MLS area is 444.


  • Newer and larger homes

  • Many homes have serene canyon views and some homes have views of San Francisco Bay

  • Close to College of San Mateo