Skyfarm is one of Hillsborough’s largest neighborhoods

Measuring in at more than one mile square, Skyfarm – the neighborhood bordered east and west by the Burlingame Country Club and the Crystal Springs Golf Course, respectively — is one of Hillsborough’s largest neighborhoods. It’s also one of the town’s least-populated. At 1,400 residents per square mile, its population density is one-third that of Hillsborough as a whole.

Even in a town whose reputation is built on seclusion and unspoiled nature, the lushness of Skyfarm’s wooded hills and flora stand out. Its narrow, curving roads wind through a topography that makes large-scale residential development difficult, which is why the neighborhood’s homes are generally newer than those in surrounding neighborhoods. Outside of a few pre-war residences, Skyfarm real estate dates back no further than the 1970s.

Skyfarm was unique among Hillsborough neighborhoods last year in that it did not suffer a decline in overall sales. Nine homes sold in Skyfarm in 2022, the same as sold there in 2021. Those homes sold for an average of $6.332 million (down 9% from 2021) and a median of $5.12 million (down 17%). However, if we look closer we see that two eight-figure homes drove Skyfarm’s 47% year-over-year average price in 2021 and a single $15.47 million sale skewed 2022’s data. If you remove these outlier sales, 2022’s average home price falls to $5.19 million, which is 4.5% lower than 2021’s average of $5.44 million, again reflecting how a small sample size can create a narrative that may not reflect accurate reality.

To view a detailed google map of the Skyfarm neighborhood, click here. The MLS area is 450.


  • Secluded, wooded, and private

  • Generally newer homes than those in surrounding neighborhoods


  • Hilly with narrow curving roads that make large-scale residential development difficult

  • 353


Pricing data based on single-family homes

Skyfarm on the Map

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Schools & History


Skyfarm is primarily served by West Hillsborough Elementary School, with portion going to North Hillsborough Elementary, located in the Country Manor neighborhood on Eucalyptus Avenue. It’s about a 5 minute drive.

There is one public middle school in Hillsborough, Crocker Middle School, which is located in the Country Club Manor neighborhood on Ralston Avenue. It’s a 5-7 minute drive from Skyfarm and located next to North Hillsborough Elementary School.

Hillsborough does not have its own public high school. Most residents attend Burlingame High School, located in Burlingame on Margini Way. To search a high school by a specific address using a School Locator, click here.

Skyfarm is also a home to The Nueva School, a nationally recognized independent school serving gifted and talented high school students. The school is located on Skyline Blvd, close to 280 highway.


The original Skyfarm mansion, for which the district is named, was built by William Crocker in 1896 as a wedding gift for his sister-in-law and her husband. Since 1967 the mansion has been the centerpiece of The Nueva School, an independent K-8 school that caters to gifted children, whose 33-acre campus is located entirely within Skyfarm borders. It was not until the Skyfarm mansion became part of Nueva that the surrounding neighborhood was subdivided for residential development.

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