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Old South SSF/Rocca

South San Francisco’s downtown core has seen the beginnings of a renaissance in recent years with new businesses and restaurants joining long-established local merchants on historic Grand Avenue. The residential neighborhood surrounding it has followed suit, in a way, with the introduction of several mid-rise condominium and apartment buildings. Young buyers, particularly those employed in South City’s biotech hub, are flocking to these new buildings, while others are finding inexpensive single-family condo alternatives on the streets flanking Grand Avenue. What they’re finding there is a hodgepodge of homes, ranging from turn-of-the-century cottages to 1950s ranchers to pockets of 21st-century tract homes — all in various states of upkeep, restoration and remodel.

Homes here can be had for as little as $825,000 and as much as $1.6 million; apartments for rent and multi-family dwellings for sale are also plentiful. Properties found on streets north of Grand are generally more uniform, mostly built between 1930 and 1960 with more of a suburban vibe; south of Grand are South San Francisco’s oldest residential streets, mixed in at times with light industrial and retail buildings, along with a small subdivision of gleaming stucco 2012-built homes located near Orange Park. Downtown/Rocca residents enjoy a potpourri of dining and shopping options, easy access to Highway 101 and Caltrain and the excitement of living in a rapidly-changing small urban community.


  • Pedestrian-friendly, commute-friendly, convenient location; access to shops, restaurants, Caltrain, biotech

  • Wide variety of architectural styles available, ranging from Victorian to brand-new condominiums

  • Some homes offer excellent opportunities for buyers looking to do large-scale remodels and put their own stamp on their property


  • Neighborhood is inconsistent; condition of properties is often block-by-block or house-by-house

  • Downtown vibe brings with it a certain level of downtown challenges, including traffic and noise

  • 1465


  • $1.47M

    Median Sale Price

  • $1.46M

    Average Sale Price

Pricing data based on single-family homes

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