Yellow craftsman home with white picket fence in the Dumbarton area in Redwood City


Dumbarton is one of the largests areas in Redwood City and encompasses multiple neighborhoods

Like all of Redwood City’s Multiple Listing Service-designated areas, Dumbarton is a large area encompassing multiple neighborhoods. Parts of what the MLS calls “Dumbarton” also go by “Fair Oaks,” “Friendly Acres,” “Dumbarton Park” and “Redwood Village.” The unusually rural neighborhood of North Fair Oaks, though adjacent to (and bordered on two sides by) Redwood City, is actually part of Menlo Park. Dumbarton’s three sub-neighborhoods are similar in that each provides a viable option for first-time and entry-level homeowners, especially those looking to fit a single-family home into a condominium budget.

  • 2,123
  • $1.07M
    Median Sale Price
  • $1.09M
    Average Sale Price
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