Downtown Burlingame

Located in the heart of downtown, and steps from restaurants, shopping, Caltrain, Washington Park, and more...

The Downtown Burlingame neighborhood is mostly made up of apartments and condominiums. Anchored by Burlingame Avenue, the neighborhood runs in between El Camino to the west and California Drive to the east, and is bordered to the north by Oak Grove Avenue (near McKinley Elementary) and Peninsula Avenue to the south (the border with San Mateo). There are a few single family cottages that still remain from the days before the area was rezoned and developers bought out homeowners and created the several story apartment and condominium complexes that stand today. Most of the buildings are 30-40 years old, though there are a couple buildings built in the last 10 years with beautiful luxury condos that can sell for as much as $2 million. There’s also a couple newer buildings along the El Camino Corridor, where it’s possible to get an approximately 2 bedroom condo for under $700,000.

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