Burlingame Grove cars parked on both sides of the street in Burlingame.

Burlingame Grove

A perfect neighborhood for young families.

Burlingame Grove has two of the most picturesque tree-lined streets you’ll see in all of Burlingame — Cambridge and Oxford. Burlingame Grove, like Burlingame Terrace to its south, is another early development located on the former property of the Eastons’ Black Hawk Ranch. Children were once so numerous in this area that residents advocated for their own school. Coolidge Elementary, formerly located on Grove Avenue, opened in 1927 so that the 130 young children in the immediate area would not be forced to “journey” to McKinley or Roosevelt. During a period of sharp enrollment declines in the 1970s, Coolidge School was the first of four Burlingame elementary schools that were closed. Coolidge School ultimately was demolished and the property was used for homes. Recently, the elementary schools have experience a surge in enrollment; Roosevelt school reopened in the 1990s and Hoover School has been recently been repurchased.

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