Brewer road with brick columns

Brewer Subdivision

Brewer Subdivision is one of the most secluded and convenient neighborhoods in Hillsborough

A small neighborhood framed by El Cerrito Avenue and Crystal Springs Road to the north and south, and Bowhill and Ranelagh Roads to the east and west, Brewer Subdivision is the Hillsborough neighborhood closest to downtown San Mateo. Once populated by mid-century California ranch-style homes, in recent years Brewer real estate has slowly turned over as new owners replace existing homes with larger, new residences. 1950s-era homes now range in price from the mid-$3 millions to just north of $4 million. Newer homes can range in price all the way up to prices well above $10 million (a recent listing of a 2011-built French-inspired chateau came in at $13.8 million). Enough of them are in the mix to push the neighborhood’s median home price to the mid $4-millions, toward the middle-high end of Hillsborough real estate. It is rare to find Brewer Subdivision homes for sale for less than $3 million.

  • $6.43M
    Median Sale Price
  • $6.29M
    Average Sale Price
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