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Beresford Manor

Beresford Manor is a fast growing neighborhood that offers convenience and affordability

Neighborhoods established before World War II are more organic than those built afterward. They tend to echo the small towns they may have once been prior to annexation by a larger neighbor, with an interesting mix of homes, a gridded (or semi-gridded) street layout and a commercial core. They are pedestrian-friendly, trading wide-open spaces for intimacy, and their residents value interaction more than solitude. Such is Beresford Manor, the San Mateo neighborhood that bridges the city’s old-line west side neighborhoods (Aragon, Baywood, etc.) with its post-war subdivisions (Hillsdale, etc.). Not as exclusive as its northern neighbors nor as ordered as the ones to the south, Beresford Manor has recently gained popularity with homebuyers looking for a traditional, close-in neighborhood whose single-family homes reflect the style and craftsmanship of the pre-war era.

  • 682
  • $1.82M
    Median Sale Price
  • $1.81M
    Average Sale Price
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