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Beresford Manor is a fast growing neighborhood that offers convenience and affordability

Neighborhoods established before World War II are more organic than those built afterward. They tend to echo the small towns they may have once been prior to annexation by a larger neighbor, with an interesting mix of homes, a gridded (or semi-gridded) street layout and a commercial core. They are pedestrian-friendly, trading wide-open spaces for intimacy, and their residents value interaction more than solitude. Such is Beresford Manor, the San Mateo neighborhood that bridges the city’s old-line west side neighborhoods (Aragon, Baywood, etc.) with its post-war subdivisions (Hillsdale, etc.). Not as exclusive as its northern neighbors nor as ordered as the ones to the south, Beresford Manor has recently gained popularity with homebuyers looking for a traditional, close-in neighborhood whose single-family homes reflect the style and craftsmanship of the pre-war era.

One thing you can say about Beresford Manor real estate, however, is that most homes are smaller than those you’ll find in San Mateo’s high-end neighborhoods. Whatever their age, they tend to have less than 2,000 square feet of living space and anywhere from two to four bedrooms. They also occupy smaller lots – usually around 5,000 square feet.

Buyers have discovered Beresford Manor as a conveniently-located alternative to pricier west side neighborhoods. As the neighborhood grows in popularity, the condition of its homes improves, increasing property values. Homes for sale on Beresford Manor’s tree-lined streets sell from $1.2 million and as high as $4 million, with an average sales price of $1.44 million. The neighborhood is also conveniently located near Hillsdale Shopping Center, and the gorgeous Beresford Park is just across the way (walking distance, across Alameda) where there are fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a popular community garden..

To view a detailed google map of the Beresford Manor neighborhood, click here. The MLS area is 427.

  • 682


  • $2.38M

    Median Sale Price

  • $2.48M

    Average Sale Price

Pricing data based on single-family homes

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Beresford Manor is bordered by Highway 92 (north), 27th Avenue (south), Alameda de las Pulgas (west) and El Camino Real (east). At one point, this tract of land, sitting east of the then-Beresford Park Country Club (now the Peninsula Country Club), was not part of San Mateo. It was annexed in 1929. By then, however, what became Beresford Manor was already partially built out with Tudor, Mediterranean and bungalow-style single-family homes. Axel Johnson of the San Mateo Investment Company added the 25th Avenue commercial district in 1937. Development increased after annexation. As a result, the majority of Beresford Manor real estate post-dates 25th Avenue’s completion. Homes built in the 1930 and 1940s dominate, with 1950s properties filling the district’s western and southern edges. Beresford Manor real estate is no simple package.

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