Two story home with green shrubs and tree in the Belmont Woods area in Belmont

Belmont Woods

Belmont Woods neighborhood offers great views, outdoor opportunities and serenity

Belmont Woods contains one of the city’s finest subdivisions, some of its newest subdivisions, almost all of its large- scale apartment complexes and some of its most wide-open, uninhabited land, featuring protected open space and an extensive series of hiking trails running from Ralston Avenue all the way into San Carlos. It includes Water Dog Park and Lake and a post-war subdivision whose street names (Lassen Drive, Yosemite Drive, Tahoe Drive) were a sarcastic suggestion by local historian Russell Estep, who thought the developer may as well be building houses on Mount Lassen, so far were they from Belmont’s center. Homes here sell more rarely than in other neighborhoods, with only a handful selling in recent months.

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