Baywood Park/Enchanted Hills neighborhood view and a person walking a dog in San Mateo.

Baywood Park/Enchanted Hills

The Baywood Park/Enchanted Hills neighborhood is attractive, quiet and convenient

Baywood Park is a large (3/4 of a mile square), in parts heavily wooded neighborhood whose population density is a third that of San Mateo as a whole. It is a narrow neighborhood that lies east of Joseph Eichler’s largest subdivision, The Highlands, and west of Parrott Drive between Crystal Springs Road and Highway 92 and, along with The Highlands, is part of an unincorporated stretch of land that is generally considered as part of San Mateo in the minds of homebuyers, sellers and Realtors.

  • $2.1M
    Median Sale Price
  • $2.15M
    Average Sale Price
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