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Alder Manor

Alder Manor is a quiet neighborhood tucked away in the southeast corner of San Carlos

Located in San Carlos’ southwestern corner and oriented around the 57 undeveloped acres of Eaton Park, Alder Manor is a neighborhood defined by rolling hills and sometimes spectacular canyon and bay views. As a rule, its homes are larger and newer than those closer to downtown, resembling at times the real estate of its southern neighbor, Emerald Hills in Redwood City.

Alder Manor real estate is a different beast from the rest of San Carlos. Outside of a few streets located near Alameda de las Pulgas, homes are generally no more than 40 years old. Save for this pocket of older homes, the district was developed entirely with custom homes and small-scale subdivisions during the 1970s and 1980s. Because of its large lots (usually 10,000 square feet and above, though that square footage is often hilly and challenging), Alder Manor remains attractive for builders, so it has its share of new construction as well. Many of these newer homes are larger than their older neighbors. In fact, a general rule for Alder Manor real estate is this: the newer it is, the larger it is. Older homes have three or four bedrooms with around 1,500 to 1,700 square feet of living space, while newer homes (those built in the 1980s or newer) sometimes have four or five bedrooms and up to 3,000 square feet.

Lacking large-scale development, there is no “type” of Alder Manor home. Close to Alameda are Mediterraneans, traditional and ranch homes, while further into the hills you’ll find multi-story dwellings designed to take advantage of views. Because of their diversity, homes in Alder Manor can be had for a fairly wide range of prices, with some homes available in the low $1.5 million and others running all the way past $4.8 million. The median price for a single-family home is $2,83 and the average price range is $2.92. 

To view a detailed google map of the Alder Manor neighborhood, click here. The MLS area is 350.


  • Larger lots than most in San Carlos, and more house for your dollar than in the flats closer to Laurel Ave

  • Opportunity to have a view

  • Nice and easy to hop on 280 via Edgewood Road

  • Great hiking and walking trails within a few minutes at Eaton Park and Big Canyon Park


  • Not walking distance to shops or restaurants

  • Hilly-er streets not as conducive for riding

  • A quieter atmosphere than other parts of San Carlos

  • 1083


Pricing data based on single-family homes

Alder Manor on the Map

Schools & History


Most of the neighborhood is not within the San Carlos School District. To see the San Carlos School District’s boundaries, click here. Heather Elementary serves the rest of the neighborhood.

The middle school is Central Middle, and the high school is Sequoia High in Redwood City.


Prior to development, Alder Manor was open space. As late as 1960, when small-scale subdividing was already common on “lower” Alder Manor streets like De Anza Avenue, the western portions of the district were populated by a few ranches and the occasional weekend cabin. For homebuyers now, Alder Manor offers an alternative to pricier Beverly Terrace while delivering similar housing, views and a similar semi-rural atmosphere.

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