San Mateo - Shoreview

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“Arguably the most affordable single family home neighborhood in San Mateo”

Shoreview real estate was always designed to appeal to San Mateo’s working class. The northern end of the district – the area north of East 3rd Avenue and J. Hart Clinton Drive — was developed first, block after block of modest, single-story two- and three-bedroom cottages ranging in size from 1,000 to approximately 1,500 square feet. There are outliers, like the small subdivision of larger, newer two-story homes on Trollman Avenue and North Quebec Street near Harbor View Park, but in this part of Shoreview, a significant percentage homes can be had for under $650,000.

Shoreview’s north side offers proximity to Coyote Point, the Poplar Creek Golf Course, Highway 101 and something else: the Bay Trail. The highly popular shoreline trail cuts directly through Shoreview’s eastern border before peeling off into Foster City.

South of East 3rd Avenue is South Shoreview, where the homes generally run about a decade younger than their neighbors to the north. They’re also slightly more expensive. Here you’re more likely to find Shoreview homes for sale in the $500,000- $750,000 range. The southern end of the neighborhood is where you’ll find Parkside Elementary School (located in a part of the neighborhood sometimes known as Parkside and built on the site of an old air field) and Bayside Middle School. North Shoreview is served by North Shoreview Elementary. South Shoreview runs along Seal Slough and ends at Highway 92, leaving the southeasternmost end of San Mateo for Los Prados and Lakeshore, two entry-level districts whose long-established streets – like those of Shoreview – serve as continuing proof that D.A. Raybould’s 1928 roll of the dice was no folly.

To view a detailed google map of the Shoreview neighborhood, click here. The MLS area for North Shoreview is 415 and for South Shoreview it is 414.

The Shoreview neighborhood is surrounded by Bowie Estate, Sunnybrae/19th Avenue Park and Parkside.

Real Estate in Shoreview

  • Price Point (Low): $600,000
  • Price Point (High): $900,000


  • Ranch style homes with good floorplans
  • Popular among first time home buyers
  • Excellent value compared to being west of 101


  • Concern for liquefaction potential
  • Not as green and lush as more established neighborhoods


If you built it, they said, no one would come; that’s what prevailing opinion told former newspaperman D.A. Raybould in 1928. Having already played a major role in expanding San Mateo’s downtown, Raybould bought hundreds of acres of the former Howard estate during the construction of the Bayshore Highway (now the 101 freeway). The land was located east of the new highway, “no-man’s land” as far as mainstream thought was concerned. Today that massive bloc is several residential neighborhoods known en masse as Shoreview.

Success didn’t come overnight for Shoreview, which now stretches along San Mateo’s easternmost edge from the 92 freeway to Coyote Point (which was once the home of Pacific City Amusement Park, San Mateo’s answer to San Francisco’s Playland-at-the-Beach). If you drive Shoreview’s streets today you’ll find very few homes built in the 1920s and 1930s. Most development came after World War II.